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Mission & Vision

Department of Architecture aims to become a unique and a leading institution for higher learning opportunities offering education. research and training in technology related to the field of Architecture. The broad objective of the department is to achieve international recognition for excellence in research and teaching, such that it is ranked as the top Architecture School in the country and thereby becoming the top choice of students and a prospective faculty for their career.

The department aims to achieve its vision by pursuing the following missions:

  • To shape a critical thinker and problem solver based on fundamental knowledge of humanities, social sciences, mathematics, science, engineering and a  broad range of Architectural perspective.
  • To produce technically qualified Architects who will become leaders in the field of architecture and construction and who are committed to sustainable development for the betterment of society and nation.
  • To build up sensitive decision makers who consider the global and social concern, ethics and sustainability while making critical decisions of building projects.